A few words about me

A community manager with a passion for developing and supporting user groups. A fast learning web designer and developer using HTML, CSS, SCSS and JavaScript on the frontend with PHP 5 & 7 and Python 3 powering the backend. Working with many clients and managing multiple development teams to get work done on time whilst working directly with them as a member of the teams. Additionally, a budding theatre technician who enjoys stage management as well as working in electrics and lighting, getting involved with as much as possible and eager to help out.

Experience - Community (Collapse)

Community Manager
(June 2019 – Present)

Helping millions of developers easily build, test, manage, and scale applications of any size - faster than ever before.

  • Contracted by DigitalOcean to remotely integrate with the existing community team to improve the community experience on the DO website.
  • Working heavily on the Community Questions and Answers site to improve the experience for users who wish to ask questions and also for those helping to answer them by providing new guidelines and an updated UI.
  • Providing higher quality answers and improving existing responses to the most popular questions on the site to promote a healthier experience for new users looking for help.
  • Engaging with the community, both on-site and through third-party platforms, to gather user feedback on the UX of the current Community site and working to deploy solutions to issues highlighted.

Community Manager
(October 2018 – Present)

The #1 free and open source CDN built to make life easier for developers.

Developer Relations
(October 2018 – Present)

JS.ORG - Dedicated to JavaScript and its awesome community since 2015.

  • Directly responsible for reviewing all pull requests made by third-party developers requesting their custom js.org subdomains on the js.org GitHub repository.
  • Working with the js.org team and external contributors to develop new PR review and management systems through continuous integration (CI).
  • Handling the annual cleanup of the js.org active file to ensure all subdomains are valid, liaising with contributors on subdomains which have failed checks to resolve any issues.

JetBrains Community
Community Manager
also, Developer

(April 2018 – Present)

JetBrains Community is the unofficial community for all things JetBrains.

  • Working with the team at JetBrains to create unique branding for the community and to ensure that our operations align with what they expect of a user group.
  • Creating and manging a large Discord server where the community is based as well as developing a custom Discord bot to provide dedicated JetBrains information for users.
  • Continually expanding the reach of the community not only on Discord but also through the expanding network of JetBrains Community subreddits.
  • Running the community Twitter account to provide key JetBrains updates to followers whilst also working to promote and build the community around JetBrains. Sharing interesting information and links to our community locations online.

Experience - Development (Collapse)

UI/UX Developer (HTML, CSS, Javascript [Vanilla, Node & Electron])
(May 2019 – Present)

An open-source, versatile image/GIF capture suite for Mac and Linux.

  • Helping to triage user-created issues (feedback, bug reports & help requests) on the MagicCap public GitHub repository.
  • Developing a new design for the main user interface within the software, overhauling the existing views and controls to provide a far greater and easier user experience within the app.
  • Implementing new functionality into the software based on user feedback and requests, such as the ability to capture the current clipboard or opening the capture URL after uploading.
  • Acting as an organisation administrator, reviewing new pull requests made to the application source and reacting to any errors reported through the Sentry monitor for the live application.

BotBlock, Discord
Lead Developer (HTML, CSS, SASS, Javascript, PHP)
also, Project Manager

(August 2018 – Present)

A website and API service dedicated to Discord bot developers, making their lives easier.

  • Linking into multiple existing APIs from other projects and sites to enable the BotBlock site to communicate with them, a core part of the API service provided.
  • Working with team members from other projects related to BotBlock to coordinate a successful product.
  • Supporting third party developers creating libraries to work with the project's API.
  • Integrating Discord's OAuth2 system to allow users to sign into the site, allowing access to additional features and information.

Rythm Bot, Discord
Development Manager (Java / Python / HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP [Laravel])
(November 2017 – May 2018)

The most popular Discord music bot, used by over a million communities.

  • Responsible for the main homepage site and the web dashboard in design, development and maintenance.
  • Coordinating all developers on the team working on the project and managing the GitHub repositories (private) for all Rythm related projects.
  • Development of utility bots to work alongside the core bot project including a large self-service help desk bot.
  • Providing live chat support in Discord for users of the bot and helping them with issues alongside evaluating user feature requests.

Technical Support Agent
(July 2017 – May 2018)

  • Using my technical knowledge of the system and bot to be able to provide live chat support in the Discord server for users.
  • Triaging issues reported and helping users to quickly resolve them alongside evaluating any feature requests made.

Python & Web Developer
(July 2017 – November 2017)

  • Working as part of a large development team for the project all with our own tasks and projects.
  • Providing assistance to the Java developers with secondary bots and other development tools for the team and users written in Python.
  • Designing and developing the front end of the user control panel for the bot, working with another developer responsible for the Laravel/PHP backend to provide user interaction through JavaScript.

Unreal Designs
Website Design/Development Lead
also, Business Manager

(June 2012 – Present)

A small online business creating website and graphic designs for clients.

  • Maintaining the company site and backend systems.
  • Designing most website design orders and assisting with graphic design orders.
  • Organising payment of the team and ensuring all team work is completed to a high standard.
  • Dealing with all emails to the company, such as quote requests, complaints and general enquiries.

Freelance & Own Projects
Website Design/Development
also, Graphic Design
further, Discord Bot Development (Python)

(January 2012 – Present)

https://mattcowley.co.uk/ | http://github.mattcowley.co.uk/

  • Working for a large number of different clients creating projects to their specifications.
  • Coordinating multiple projects and managing time allocation to them.
  • Liaising with other developers on client projects to ensure key parts come together and work.
  • Using multiple languages to ensure the dream of a project becomes reality without issues.

Experience - Theatre (Collapse)

Young Theatre
Chief In-House Electrician
(February 2014 – Present)

A youth theatre group run by young people for young people.

  • Responsible for maintenance of all electrical equipment within the theatre company.
  • Responsible for wiring and checking any practical effects used.
  • Often the production electrician or responsible for stage electrics during company productions.
  • Assisting with training of new members in all aspects of lighting and electrics.

Information Technology Officer
(September 2016 – Present)

  • Providing annual maintenance to all emails used by the production company and ensuring everyone who requires an email account has one.
  • Managing the shared Google Drive for the company, responsible for providing correct access to all members of the committee.

Theatre Technician
(February 2014 – September 2017)

  • Working on all company productions in a multitude of roles, often with responsibility for other crew.
  • Holding roles such as the stage manager, lighting operator, assistant stage manager, deputy stage manager or sound operator.

School Stage
Installation Technician (Work experience)
(July 2017)

An install specialist for lighting and sound equipment in schools.

  • Assisting with the rigging and permanent installation of lighting fixtures.
  • Wiring custom cabling for both lighting control/power as well as for the sound and data installation.
  • Running cable throughout the venue in a tidy fashion for control data and sound.
  • Responsible for ensuring the work environment was both clean and tidy as well as safe at all times.

Stage Lighting and Sound Team
Team Leader
(September 2018 – June 2019)

A team within the Royal Grammar School that runs and provides the technical services for all school events as requested.

  • Day to day running of the services the team provides alongside maintenance of team equipment.
  • Teaching younger members of the team technical knowledge and expanding their current understanding.
  • Often responsible for the setup and operation of sound and lighting for school concerts and other events.
  • Liaising with staff and students about upcoming events and their technical requirements from the team.

Technical & Stage Manager
(March 2019)

  • Responsible for the co-ordination of all technical services during the school production of West Side Story.
  • Taking key notes at rehearsals for the production to ensure all props are sourced as well as correct set.
  • During performances, ensuring stage remains a safe environment at all times, liaising with other departments to run the show and co-ordinating crew to move set.

Casual Technician
(September 2014 – September 2018)

  • Assisting other members of the team with the running of assemblies and concerts.
  • Providing lighting and sound services for events on the school site.
  • Part of the crew for many of the productions put on by the school.

Production & Event Credits

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Experience - Other (Collapse)

IT Team, Highcrest Academy
IT Technician (Work experience)
(July/August 2017)

The team responsible for all IT equipment and servicing at the Highcrest Academy school.

  • Installing new computers at multiple locations in the school.
  • Assisting with the roll-out of Windows 10 onto all computers in the school.
  • Using MDT to install a pre-configured image of Windows 10.
  • Aiding the updating of AD and Impero for the network.

Blink FM
Programme Controller
also, Website Designer

(October 2014 – September 2017)

A local youth run radio that broadcasts online to all and via radio to areas of south bucks.

  • Responsible for managing when shows are on air and checking all content is appropriate.
  • Designing and running the station’s website and live radio stream.
  • Assisting with attaining correct licensing to be on air in the local area.
  • Organising shows for the station as well as equipment and bands for live events.

Broadcast Technician
(July 2013 – October 2014)

  • Providing assistance to youth presenters in the studio to ensure that their shows run smoothly and are broadcast online to the website live broadcast stream.
  • Maintaining all studio equipment to keep it show ready including the mixing desk, Auto DJ and Myriad systems.